Frequently Asked Questions

How do you gather and process your data?

Data is gathered through the MIT subject evaluation system and corresponds to students’ answers to a series of supplementary, optional, and open-ended questions that we have designed to meaningfully extend the institute’s standardized evaluations. Once subject evaluations close, the math department administration sends us the anonymized responses to our questions, which our team then condenses into the readable form that is published here.

What classes does the Course 18 Underground cover?

We have been running the project for two semesters so far! In future semesters, we hope to expand our coverage to all classes in the math department!

Who maintains this project and website?

This site and project are maintained by the MIT Council for Math Majors and the MIT Undergraduate Math Association.

I have a question about this project that isn’t answered here. Who should I contact?

Please send all queries and comments to underground-guide at