18.02: Calculus II

Table of contents

  1. Course Info
  2. Realistic Prerequisites
  3. Subject Matter
  4. Course Staff
  5. Lectures
  6. Problem Sets
  7. Exams
  8. Resources
  9. Grading
  10. Advice to Future Students

Course Info

Class Size 204
Hours/Week 9.3 (96/204 responses)
Instructors Bjorn Poonen
Overall Rating 5.9/7.0

Realistic Prerequisites

  • The content of 18.01 was a necessary prerequisite. Some Linear Algebra experience helpful.

Subject Matter

  • Most thought it was a good balance between theoretical and applications of the theories. Some wished the class went more in depth into computation rather than theoretical proofs.

Course Staff

  • Very friendly and approachable. TAs and the Professor were also very helpful and thoroughly explained concepts or questions students had. They were welcoming to any type of questions in office hours which was a good resource for homework problems.


  • Most students believed that they learned from lectures - and that psets were useful practice for exams.

Problem Sets

  • Challenging.
  • Required time to think of applications of the concepts - OH usually helped to go through problems on the pset.
  • Lectures aligned well with psets. Lecture notes were helpful for solving problems.
  • Collaboration on psets with people was crucial for many students.


  • The exams were considered to be very reasonable and match the pset material properly. The problems were thought to be quite challenging but doable with an hour or two of prior study.


  • Lecture notes were very helpful to review concepts.
  • Textbook (Edwards and Penney 6th ed) was not very helpful.


  • Students felt that grading was incredibly fair and reasonable.

Advice to Future Students

  1. Try your best not to miss lectures, especially near the end of the semester, because everything builds upon results you learn.”
  2. “GO TO OFFICE HOURS. TAs can help a lot with tough pset problems”
  3. ”Enjoy the course and don’t stress too much!”