‘18.100B: Real Analysis’

Table of contents

  1. Course Info
  2. Realistic Prerequisites
  3. Subject Matter
  4. Course Staff
  5. Lectures
  6. Problem Sets
  7. Exams
  8. Resources
  9. Grading
  10. Advice to Future Students

Course Info

Class Size 43
Hours/Week 10.0 (19 responses)
Instructors Giada Franz
Overall Rating 6.4/7.0

Realistic Prerequisites

  • There are no hard prerequisites, but some experience writing proofs is very helpful.

Subject Matter

  • Most thought it was very theoretical and deep, with a good foundation for other math classes.

Course Staff

  • The course staff was helpful and approachable.


  • Students generally believed that the lectures had a good pace and were useful for learning content.
  • Textbooks helped clarify the lectures.

Problem Sets

  • Challenging.
  • Students in general found the psets challenging, but fair.
  • Office hours and collaboration were useful tools.


  • The exams had easier questions than the psets
  • The students noted that the exams were hard to complete in the allotted time.


  • Many students mentioned the optional textbook as an alternate way to learn the material.
  • Lecture notes were not published. Several students wished they had been available.


  • Students generally felt grading was fair.
  • There were some concerns about grading clarity.

Advice to Future Students

  1. “Don’t take the class if you don’t know how to write proofs. Go to lecture because if you miss something, it’s going to be hard to understand the next material.”
  2. “I think a key piece of advice is to use the textbook, since I think it is a very good way to supplement the lectures. In a pinch it can also be used to catch up if you miss a lecture or two.”