‘18.01: Calculus’

Table of contents

  1. Course Info
  2. Realistic Prerequisites
  3. Subject Matter
  4. Course Staff
  5. Lectures
  6. Problem Sets
  7. Exams
  8. Resources
  9. Grading
  10. Advice to Future Students

Course Info

Class Size 173
Hours/Week 8.2 (77 responses)
Instructors Larry Guth
Overall Rating 6.0/7.0

Realistic Prerequisites

  • There are no hard prerequisites for this course.
  • Some students recommend having some understanding of integration or differentiation.

Subject Matter

  • Most thought it was very useful and connected to many different subjects.
  • There was some theory, but most found it applied.

Course Staff

  • Course staff were super nice and helpful.
  • TAs were especially helpful at answering questions in and outside of office hours.


  • Students found lectures to be well-paced.
  • Students found office hours reinforced learning in lecture, as well as completing the problem sets.

Problem Sets

  • Students found the psets to be challenging but fun, as they contained real world applications.
  • Students found that the psets took less than 5 hours a week to complete.
  • Students were prepared for the psets by lectures and recitations.


  • Students found the exams to be similar to problem sets and recitations.
  • Exams were very reasonable to finish within the given time period.


  • Students used the assigned readings and the lecture slides.
  • Some students expressed a desire for a course textbook


  • Students thought grading was fair.

Advice to Future Students

  1. ”If you can ASE into 18.01A or 18.02, go for it.”
  2. “Go to office hours. The lecture slides don’t help.”